Getting started with Candid Keeper

Step 1: Connect cable to your Candid Keeper


Plug in the micro USB to your Candid Keeper Memory Book. (Located on the top or side of the book depending on the product you have)

Step 2: Connect to your computer or laptop


Plug in the USB end of the cable to a desktop or laptop computer.

Step 3: Add videos and images from your computer to your Candid Keeper


Your Candid Keeper functions like a USB memory drive. To add videos or pictures, copy files from your computer to your Candid Keeper file explorer window.

Step 4: ENJOY!


After your files have transferred to your Candid Keeper you can unplug and enjoy your videos.

Do your videos have a case of the verticals?

Vertical videos will only play on your Candid Keeper AFTER they have been rotated.
Don't worry our vertical filming friends, this is easy to do! See our instructions below.



How do I add videos to my Candid Keeper?

Candid Keeper books are SO easy to use! 
1. Open your Candid Keeper package and stare at the wonderfulness.
2. Use the included USB cable to connect your new digital scrapbook to your computer.
3. A window will pop up on your screen. If a window does not pop up when you connect your Candid Keeper: WINDOWS: open file explorer, This PC, and you will see a USB connection. Double click on the USB connection and it will open your Candid Keeper file folder. MAC: click "Finder" to open the finder window and choose the USB icon under devices.
4. Drag your videos and photos into this file *If using a paged Candid Keeper, there will be multiple file folders for each page. Drag your videos and photos into the corresponding file folders.
5. If wanting your videos and photos in a specific order, name your files numerically and/or alphabetically.
6. Eject your Candid Keeper from your computer, often at the bottom right of your computer screen.
7. Enjoy having a better way to share memories!
NOTE: If asked to format your Candid Keeper book select NO! NEVER FORMAT YOUR BOOK. This will cause your book to no longer read your video files.

How do I charge my Candid Keeper?

Plug your Candid Keeper into your computer using the included cable. When charged, simply eject your book using the eject option on the bottom right of your computer screen.
If you have a wall charger with a USB adapter, you can use this to charge your Candid Keeper.
*Note: It is recommended to always keep your Candid Keeper charged to extend the overall battery life.

Can I add photos to my Candid Keeper?

Yes! Candid Keeper books are designed for you to view both your video and photo files. Most Candid Keeper digital memory books have a video/photo button that allows you to switch between your video and photo memories. Digital memory journals will display your videos first and then your photo files.

Can my videos or photo files play in a specific order?

Yes! To customize the order of your videos and photos, rename your files in numerical or alphabetical order.

For Digital Memory Journals:
If using a digital memory journal, such as Baby's First Year or Wedding Candid Keeper, there are multiple file folders. Put your desired video and photo files into the corresponding file folder and then rename them in the order you wish them to be viewed. Folders should also be named either in numerical or alphabetical order or desired play.

Can I change out my video and photo files that I have already added to my Candid Keeper?

Yes! You can swap out your digital files whenever you would like! Simply connect your Candid Keeper to your computer and remove the files you no longer wish to have on your book, and add the new videos and photos you want to view on your Candid Keeper.

My videos are not playing!

One question, do your videos have a case of the verticals? (recorded vertical instead of horizontal)
If so, you will need to convert any vertical videos for the Candid Keeper to play them. Don't worry it's super easy. Click here to watch our how to video. Below are the compatible file types so make sure your video file type is listed.
If you are still having problems, contact us, we will help you!

My videos have a case of the verticals (How to rotate your vertical videos)

Your Candid Keeper will be able to play rotated vertical video files with ease. To do this we recommend using a free (and very safe) program called Handbrake. While Handbrake looks intimidating, the process for converting a video file to a horizontal video is quite simple. Click to download Handbrake. Watch the how to video below.

Help my videos are playing chh ch choppy!

We have noticed this from videos taken on newer phones and we have an easy fix! Follow the tutorial below to learn how to fix these videos.

How can I fit more videos on my Candid Keeper?

Changing the resolution of your videos will allow you to fit MUCH more on your video book. There is an easy way to do this, follow the tutorial below.

Are my files safe?

Always keep a secure back up of your digital memory files. The good news is, your digital files you choose to add to your Candid Keeper will only be see by those with access to your book.

Should I use my Candid Keeper for permanent file storage?

Candid Keeper books are essentially a USB drive with awesome features. So always, and we do mean always, keep an alternative safe backup of all your memory files.

My Candid Keeper doesn’t seem to be working correctly, what can I do?

If your Candid Keeper isn’t working properly, please email us with details about the issues you are experiencing and we will ensure to solve the problem or even send a refund or replacement. Please see our Terms and Conditions for details on or refunds or return policy.

What is your return policy?

If there is a need to return your Candid Keeper product please send us an email detailing the issue you are having. We will try our very best to make it right. Some instances where a return/refund may be necessary:
-Damaged upon arrival
-Not charging or there is a problem with adding videos/photos
-Not functioning as designed
If any of these issues arise within 14 days of you receiving your product, please contact us!
You can review our full Returns Policy in our Terms and Conditions here.

Can I use my smart phone to add files?

Yes, depending on the phone and where your files are stored. This is still being tested and we will post a tutorial as soon as we get full success with this method. However, if ever asked to format your Candid Keeper book select NO! NEVER FORMAT YOUR BOOK. This will cause your book to no longer read your video files.

Are your products shipped from the U.S.A.?

Yes! Our products are shipped from Utah and can be shipped to anywhere in the United States. See our contact page for more information about our company.

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