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Get to know us!

Are we real people? You bet we are. Read on to learn more about how Candid Keeper came to be.

As sisters-in-law and mothers of two, we love to look back on when our kids were younger. We have countless videos and pictures on our phones and computers that we have taken over the years. Making a scrapbook with pictures is easy, but there was never a good way to enjoy the videos that went with those moments. We thought there should be an easier way to watch family adventures or hilarious antics we caught on video.

Our kids also love to look back at videos and pictures of themselves but they would constantly be using our phones to do this, leaving them with a low battery and a sticky mess. This is when we thought of the idea behind Candid Keeper! Our books make it easy for anyone of all ages to enjoy the videos of the past, making a “Better Way to Share Memories”.


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When not chasing two crazy boys or helping my husband find the ketchup, you can find me during any spare moment in front of the computer. I am a graphic designer and owner of my own design company (shameless plug here). As a family we love to go on adventures together and I am so excited to finally have a place to share these videos and photos.

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